redneckwolf1 (redneckwolf1) wrote in ilovesubarus,

Wagony goodness

So, been wanting another car, since my Legacy sedan is fallin apart. gonna try and use the sedan for rallycross(if I ever get time from work off for it)





It has its good bits and bad bits. It has 241,000 miles on it, but you can't tell. Dents and dings, scratches, but non that stick out too hugely (except for the back, rusty spots and some scratches in the bumper) accelerates and cruises great. Suspension is rather spongy, but ok for now. Gotta dig into the dash and replace some bulbs in the gauge cluster, I can't see my speedo at all at night. Came with a decent Pioneer deck and 4 speakers in it. Interior is near perfect (carpet is a bit dirty looking but hey, its an old car.) need to adjust the parking brake cable, its a bit loose, clutch needs adjusting. The guy that sold it to me, when he put the new tranny in, didnt hook up the hill holder, which I suppose is no big deal, but I like it. So, i'm happy with the purchase, gets better mileage then the sedan does cause its in better shape heh.
Posted this to my LJ, and a few other LJ communitys.

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