Axey Moskevyu (moskevyu) wrote in ilovesubarus,
Axey Moskevyu

Best Subie part/accessory sellers?

Hey all,

I just became a first time Subie owner this weekend. The dealer had some accessories that I'd like, but I didn't want to pay their prices.

So, which online sellers of Subaru part and accessories give the good deals? I'm looking to put splash guards, mud mats, a molded trunk tray and possibly a spoiler on my car. The spoiler isn't a priority, but the trunk tray is.
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It's an '08 Forester.

Thanks for the suggestions. :o)

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Also, (spelling?) jamie from Nasioc runs it and they're relaly good at prices and help when needed.

Join up on nasioc's a good thing:)
Awesome. Thanks.

I will check that out.
Yes, I was just going to suggest this. They have sales every once in awhile and you can usually score some good prices when you catch one. Otherwise, try or

Hope this helps!